When ordering from us, If your parcel / DPD bag appears to be damaged or is in a poor state, Please refuse the parcel so that it is returned to us..
Once a parcel is signed for, we cannot accept any responsibility for damaged items!
Once a parcel is returned to us, we will contact you to arrange redelivery of replacement items.

Please Note: Anyone that has a business/ works in vape industry or are buying to resell cannot use any of our discounts/coupons or orders will be cancelled and refunded.


Saturday Delivery Service:

We can offer you to receive your parcel on a Saturday at an additional cost.

Express 1kg bag: an additional charge of £8.69

Express 5kg bag: an additional charge of £9.72

Parcel up to 10kg: an additional charge of £9.72 (+£0.39 per any additional kilo)

if this is something that you are interested in please places this this in your notes or email us so we can invoice you for this service. 

Do you have a family member or friend that is thinking of quitting smoking and thinking of their health, pocket or both, if you have why not give them a gift of money to spend on premixed eliquid like our revolutionary vape mates or Dominion concentrates.

Our gift certificates are great for any occasion and available for any budget from £10 upwards.  They're simple to use too, simply purchase them from the store and you'll instantly be sent a gift certificate code via email which you can forward to it's intended recipient or you can even write the code on a card for a birthday gift etc.

Your code can then be entered into the coupon code area in your cart when purchasing* just like our discount codes or in the redeem voucher area on every page of the website to be added to your friend, family members cash balance in the site.  Don't worry either because what they don't spend will stay in their balance to be used at a later date.

Gift certificates are also redeemable for 1 year after day of purchase and don't have to be used immediately so feel safe in buying those birthday presents whilst you're feeling flush and gift them when the time comes.

* Gift certificates cannot be used to purchase more gift certificates or VIP Club Membership.