When ordering from us, If your parcel / DPD bag appears to be damaged or is in a poor state, Please refuse the parcel so that it is returned to us..
Once a parcel is signed for, we cannot accept any responsibility for damaged items!
Once a parcel is returned to us, we will contact you to arrange redelivery of replacement items.

Please Note: Anyone that has a business/ works in vape industry or are buying to resell cannot use any of our discounts/coupons or orders will be cancelled and refunded.


Saturday Delivery Service:

We can offer you to receive your parcel on a Saturday at an additional cost.

Express 1kg bag: an additional charge of £8.69

Express 5kg bag: an additional charge of £9.72

Parcel up to 10kg: an additional charge of £9.72 (+£0.39 per any additional kilo)

if this is something that you are interested in please places this this in your notes or email us so we can invoice you for this service. 

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Advice and FAQ

What exactly is an ecig ..

Ecigs or electronic cigarettes are a device that produces water vaper instead of the smoke that a normal (or analogue ) cigarette produces.  This water vaper delivers a controlled amount of nicotine that looks, feels and can taste just like real smoke but without the harmful tar or cancer causing carsonagenic chemicals.

What is e-liquid ..?

The water vapor produced in an ecig uses a nicotine based liquid known as e-liquid or e-juice. This liquid is heated by the ecig which delivers a sensation, feel and taste similar to smoking.

What is e-liquid made of ..?

E-Liquid is usually made up of propylene glycol (PG) and/or vegetable glycerin (VG). Very rarely some people may be allergic to propylene glycol so a vegetable glycerin base is better suited to their preference.  The flavour is simply food grade flavouring and the nicotine is a controlled amount of pure nicotine to create the different strengths.

E-liquid is it safe ..?

The main ingredients in e-liquid are food grade products and are very safe and are used in many food products and common household products. The nicotine in e-liquids should only be used and handled by adults of 18 years plus and preferably smokers who already have a tolerance for nicotine although in small concentrations like 18 0r 24 mg and below it is very safe. You should if any amount comes into contact with skin or eyes wash and clean in warm water immediately.

Throat Hit, what's that ..?

To make vaping more like smoking you need to feel a certain amount of warmth at the back of your throat to simulate the feeling of hot smoke being inhaled, this is called throat hit.  The ratio of liquid base, nicotine concentration and voltage of the ecig all affect the level of throat hit.

What's the nicotine concentration of an e-liquid..?

E-liquid is concentrated to anywhere between 0-30mg usually and it comes down to your needs and personal preference. A normal cigarette would contain approximately 18mg of nicotine so that is a good starting point then you can increase or decrease the concentration next time depending on whether you are getting enough or too much throat hit.

How much should i use my e-cig..?

This depends on your needs and your how much you smoke, vaping can be a very pleasant alternative to smoking and as such you may be tempted to over vape so just vape when you feel the urge to smoke and you'll be fine.