When ordering from us, If your parcel / DPD bag appears to be damaged or is in a poor state, Please refuse the parcel so that it is returned to us..
Once a parcel is signed for, we cannot accept any responsibility for damaged items!
Once a parcel is returned to us, we will contact you to arrange redelivery of replacement items.

Please Note: Anyone that has a business/ works in vape industry or are buying to resell cannot use any of our discounts/coupons or orders will be cancelled and refunded.



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A family run business in Ollerton between Mansfield and Sheffield in the UK we are primarily a modest ecig shop offering a range of products from starter kits for new vapers right up to mechanical and variable voltage - variable wattage high end mods.

From simple e-cigarette starter kits to cigar vaping or even pipe vaping we have all aspects and levels vaping covered and we also stock a wide range of accessories including atomisers (or atomizers), batteries, lanyards and cases etc.

Vape Domain and Dominion Liquids offer very competitive prices to suit all pockets, giving you more control over your money helping you to kick the smoking habit.

Dominion E-liquids have many advantages over smoking "traditional cigarettes" mainly the fact that you are avoiding over 4000 poisonous chemicals many of which are carsonagenic and can cause cancer.  At least 80 of those chemicals are carsonagenic but there are others including carbon monoxide, tar and even arsenic.

E-cigarettes and Dominion E-Liquids don't burn anything so they simply sidestep this serious health issue.

In the current economic climate one of the major benifits of vaping rather than smoking is the considerable financial savings that can be made, it can be up to 80% cheaper to vape than to smoke traditional cigarettes.